What do I do if I want to invest or need to rent, but I do not speak English?

Don’t worry, you have the professional Dominium Consulting staff at your side! One of the greatest amenities is being able to work with our real estate partners specializing in serving Brazilians and other foreigners or recent immigrants. Additionally, when making payments using cash, it is not necessary to leave Brazil: we are able to follow the whole process of the real estate transaction. Our team relies upon consultants who are registered with the appropriate organizations to offer various registry services and legal contract review. Our company is 100% transparent to enable us to work together to achieve your business goals.

Dominium Consulting also provides real estate financing advice. We are able to indicate and share with you our experience of financial institutions with the best financing and the least bureaucracy for foreigners and residents. We can also clarify any doubts regarding documentation and legislation real estate. With so many facilities many of our clients have already made their real estate purchase in the United States, the main investment of their lives.