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Trust is earned, not given!

For those of you who want to move your lives to a country like the United States, starting a business or investing in real estate are excellent options for taking that first step. 

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- Frequently Asked Questions:

Dominium Consulting Services offers its clients the best service there is. We are able to combine a highly technological approach without losing the personalized attention, meanwhile always valuing the needs of each individual client and indicating the best approach. Our customers get fast and efficient service from experienced specialists who are always there to help.

  • Convenience and Dependability
  • Customer service and appreciation
  • Credibility and Responsibility
  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Excellence in each detail
  • Professionalism in all facets of operation
  • We promote innovation, entrepreneurship, diligence and teamwork
  • We work to exceed customer expectations in all our commitments
  • We simplify the incorporation process
  • Behind the virtual service, we are real people who you can count on
  • Trusted leaders in incorporating startups and business management
  • We provide quick, reliable and easy services at a fair price
  • The satisfaction of our customers speaks for itself, each request receives personalized attention

We serve all types of clients, from the client who has entrepreneurial experience and wants to invest numerous resources, to the client who is opening their first business and does not have large funds. The purpose of Dominium Consulting is to assist in the success and achievements of your company, regardless of whether it is already  up-and-running or just starting now. We welcome everyone with the same values and professionalism.

Members of the Dominium Consulting Team are specialists in their field. In order to guarantee the quality and excellence of our services, we always make sure that our team is staffed with professionals who have had the appropriate training to perform their function within the company.

- Consulting in the United States

More than just trained professionals, the Dominium Consulting Services team is made up of people that you can truly count on. We are ready to give you the support you need and help you achieve your life goals. We offer various accounting, strategy, marketing and investment services. Our main clients are Brazilians and other foreigners who live in the US and are in the process of immigrating to the US or those who live in their home country but have businesses and investments abroad. Besides Brazil, our customers are spread out all over the world, mainly in Europe, Dubai and China.

  • Certified Professionals
  • TAX ID application
  • Online Consulting
  • Power of Attorney

- Dominium Consulting Services

Since 2013, we have specialized in opening up companies in the United States as well as business consulting and management for foreigners. Starting a business is a big step. The credibility and trust of our clients is what motivates us. More than 35% of our clients being new clients, showing that we have a solid base of active customers who recognize and appreciate our work. We ALWAYS do RIGHT by you!