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We specialize in serving foreigners who live or wish to immigrate to the United States. Dominium offers personalized service to closely understand the client’s needs and find the best solution. Our team consists of accountants, CPAs, consultants, and assistants, and we are ready to provide the necessary support to help you achieve your life goals.

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Dominium Consulting accepts Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover or Paypal. Orders from abroad can opt to pay via bank transfer.

Since most of the total is deposit fees that we must pay at the time of filing and registration of your documents, advance payment is required.

Based on your case, you will receive an amount with all taxes and costs included to conclude the contracted service. We also provide state receipts. Our policies are thorough and transparent!

We issue invoice statements and receipts. You will receive them by email once we process your payment.

– State for incorporation;
– Type of entity;
– Your contact information;
– Name of your business;
– Legal address;
– Principal activity;
– Number of shares and nominal value (for companies only);
– Name and address of primary members (for LLCs) or Directors (for Corporations) and Payment Information

Proof of identity is not necessary to register corporate documents. However, eventually, we need to receive copies of your passport and other forms of proof of identity so that we can complete all IRS and county licenses.

When opening a business (organization or incorporation articles), nothing needs to be signed. For other services that might require a signature, it can be done online with an electronic signature.

Processing times vary from state to state, entity type and level of service. See below for an estimate of how long it will take to incorporate your company.


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In recent years, the contribution of Brazilian business creators has grown especially because of the economic crisis: they realized that they need to diversify their markets.

ÉPOCA Magazine

When you earn money in the United States as a resident, citizen or visitor, you must declare that income. If you can not have a Social Security Number (SSN), you need an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) to declare your taxes and claim important tax credits.

With Dominium, you can get your ITIN with total comfort. Contact us, fill out the form and we will come to you to take your Tax ID. No work, no worries, and most importantly, get your ITIN with confidence.

“Fleeing from taxes and corruption in Brazil, the number of Brazilians opening businesses in Miami and Orlando is increasing”.

Journal New York Times

To get the Green Card there are many legal forms and categories of visas. The first and most sought after by foreigners allows you to open a company in the United States, so that you are classified as an investor and can receive a residence permit and carry out your activities and work, as well as bring your family with you. Learn more about getting a Green Card. Send an e-mail to Dominium Consulting.

Starting a business in the United States is not easy since each company must be integrated with its “union” and have the appropriate licenses according to category. Our main focus is to address all the difficulties that may arise and put the cards on the table for the client, pointing out how to overcome each obstacle safely.

Sr. Cleiton Cardoso Dominium Consulting Services

In order for you to get your business up and running, you need to get permission and certain licenses. Among them are licences from the County, called Business Tax Receipts. Some companies also need the DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulation) license.