Form a PA Florida

You would complete the designated section the Sales Associate or Broker Sales Associate Transaction Form (DBPR RE 16)  and send with the designated fee. The form and fee will be sent to:

DBPR-CIU-Real Estate

2601 Blair Stone Road

Tallahassee, Florida 32399

The form can be found from the department’s home page, click on “Apply For/Update a License” and follow the applicable links.

Articles of Incorporation            $78.75

Apply for EIN                            $150

Submit S-Corp Form to IRS      $275

PA form to DBPR*                     $100

Registered Agent                       $95


*YES! Includes Florida Filing Fee

“P.A.” is the abbreviation for “Professional Association”, a business corporation engaged in a primary business that provides a professional service. Dominium Consulting Services can also complete the documents necessary to create your professional corporation.

A professional corporation/professional association is an individual or group of individuals, who are licensed in their profession as required by law, and have incorporated for the purpose of rendering the same professional service (doctors, dentists, architects, etc.).

Professional corporations generally may not conduct any other business, must comply with particular conventions in their choice of corporate name (Example, Johnson & Apple, P.A.), and must comply with regulatory requirements of their respective regulating agency.

A professional corporation may be taxed as either a traditional C corporation or as an S corporation.

– Separation of Liability

– More Professional Title

– Less Audits by IRS

– Excellent Tax Benefits for Realtors

– More Deductible Expenses

– S-Corp Election (Pass Through Taxation)

-Please note that although licensees are allowed to incorporate, they may not be licensed or compensated in any way except their legal name; no trade names allowed.

Example; legal name with the proper entity designation  would be(Jane Doe, PA) and not as a trade name (Team Jane Doe, PA)

In order to ensure that the process is done correctly, Dominium Consulting can set everything up for you.